Free funding-data-judgment, you convey your funding-proposition for venture capital, mini-funding from 50.000 - until big-funding 200 million.

Money and capital for businesses: You/they want through an industrial funding as well as. bank-independent funding - also to the business-redevelopment or project - as well as. real estate-funding - a personal capital-increase and capital-increase reaches, u.a. with Mezzanine-Kapital, quiet venture capital, pleasure-legal-capital, loan capital or fund-capital etc.) just as the investment-capital and / or your Bonität and your Rating increase the liquidity of your business or improve. We offer the business-funding the way to it with venture capital. 

The Dr. Werner Financial Service AG takes care of as competent Finanzdienstleister (also) Start-Up-Unternehmen (existence-originators), middle-class businesses, large-scale enterprises, concern-companies and family-companies with the business-funding from a capital-demand from € 50.000 - at upward until € 200 million. without securities and without securities (z.B. through a public participation-offer with a BaFin-freien participation-outline or a BaFin-genehmigten capital-market-brochure). No pre-costs! Free finance-advice!

Input your funding-data free and without obligation for the capital-procurement as funding-proposition here!  -  The Dr. Werner Financial Service AG presents a not binding funding-offer of non-voting venture capital to you with the "money for businesses."