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Design, layout and pressure of capital market prospectuses
 and participation plans
Dr. Werner Netzwerkpartner increases the achievement sport folio the Be-clever advertising agency AG under the direction of board of directors Kirsten Winkelbach. The dynamic advertising agency oriented to aim has her main focuses for over ten years in the classical advertisement, the design and pressure of enterprise plans as well as capital market prospectuses and in the issue marketing. With pleasure we send you free of charge pattern work and prospectus examples. Besides, on our website you find references of our nationwide customers. The Be-clever advertising agency looks after a row of famous customers.
Just the außerbörsliche procurement of capital with the enterprise financing oriented to participation is an amusing growth market. More and more enterprises use the varied possibilities, by preoffers or außerbörsliche participation offers or capital market issues necessary financial means for investments and expansion or market entry strategies to akquirieren.

The Be cleverly advertising agency AG delivers the belonging to it communication measures and advertising documents: creatively and specifically, individually and at a reasonable price. From the Corporate design, capital market prospectus, about info pamphlets, advertising flyers, sales folders, participation plans and the development of a complete appearance including Namensfindung for products, logo or services up to the informative Post-Mailing, radio-advertisement and company video.
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