Financing address / your way for financing and to the company capital

Company headquarters of the Dr. Werner Financial Service AG
The capital market experts, financing specialists and economic advisers for enterprise financing, procurement of capital and alternative financing forms of Dr. Werner-Financial-Service-Netzwerks are in our financial service headquarters in that:

       Dr. Werner Financial Service AG
       and Dr. Werner & Collegen 
       Gerhard-Gerdes-Straße 5
       D-37079 Göttingen
  • Dr. Werner Financial Service AG,
    board of directors: Klaus-Dieter Hildebrand,
    Bank manager. a. D.
    Chairman of the board Dr. jur. Lutz Werner
  • Dr. Werner & Collegen,
    Dr. jur. Horst Siegfried Werner
  • Be Clever AG,
    board of directors: Kirsten Winkelbach
    Chairman of the board Klaus-Dieter Hildebrand
    project manager: Jan Winkelbach 
    board of directors: Klaus-Dieter Hildebrand 
  • Hi-Tech Media AG
    board of directors: Dr. jur. Lutz Werner, RegDir. a.D. 

Tel: +49 / (0)551 / 999 64-240 oder -241
Fax: +49 / (0)551 / 999 64-248 oder -249

Email:  ( in engl. )