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Positive judgements about Dr. Horst Siegfried Werner and his work in the Dr. Werner Financial Service AG:
With our Small Capital-participation offer we were able to do during the first six weeks 220,000 euros einwerben.
 Dagmar Fenrich,
Fenrich Automobile GmbH, Magdeburg
... up to 31.12.2011 we have placed with your prospectus 3,326,600 euros.
 Thomas Bisig, board of directors of the Prime Energy Invest AG, Because on the Rhine
Many thanks for your comprehensive consultation and the good Prospektierungsarbeit as well as the procurement of the BaFin-prospectus approval for our real estate fund prospectus. Further your finance marketing and the registration on your participation main entrances was helpful. Direct, therefore, our thanks also to your marketing people.
 Hartmut Kittel,
Vorstand WHS Immobilien AG, gang castle / N.
. with these words we would like to say thanks for your big Untestützung which you gave us put into action our plan to the establishment of an inn brewery. In only 10 weeks we could collect an amount of 250,000 euros.
 A. Schulz, manager
 Brewery manufacture Tangermünde KG,

With our Small Capital financing we have received just 2 euros of million and are very contented.
 Michael Früchtl, manager
 ProLife GmbH Ingolstadt
After a two-year-old cooperation with the Dr. Werner Financial Service AG one must recognise: Dr. Werner-Team understands his job! We felt consult always well. The Small Cap issue was placed with 1.5 euros of million. In particular Dr. Werner stood to us any time in an advisory capacity aside.
 Gabriele Kison,
 Board of directors / CEO of the FLEXICON AG
We would like to express our satisfaction about the result of our cooperation. With you we have a very competent and experienced partner on our side.
 Hans J. Donhauser,
 Board of directors of the QUINVEST AG
On account of the quick and competent support by the Dr. Werner Financial Service AG we would like to inform you that already the first success has appeared. We have already placed more than 1,000,000 EUR.
 Ulrich Benteler,
 Geschäftsführer DIMAG GmbH
With the participation prospectus compiled by Dr. Werner-Netzwerk we are very contented.
 Dr. Günther Stracke,
 Board of directors of the FOS Group AG
 We praise the professional production of the participation documents and the constructive personal consultations. if... we have placed more than 8€ of million successfully in the market...
 P. Pepper, board of directors of the MCM AG, Magdeburg

With a lot of competence you have led us by the blind section jungle of the capital market right.... what becomes apparent now in a clear increase of our turnovers...
 I. Pahl, board of directors of the Frequenta AG, Berlin
 Our final thanks to Goettingen for the very good consultation of Dr. Werner & Collegen and the practical support by the production of our issue prospectus more than 20€ of million pleasure note capitals...
 B. Dublinsky, manager of the Vogeley GmbH, Hameln
In all talks our capital market prospectus was well valued. Together we succeeded in realising the project within three months...
 H. Bröker, board of directors of the DRONCO AG, Wunsiedel
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