Financing and private Placements with the Dr. Werner Financial Service AG from the first sight:

Money, fundings for businesses and KMU's
 with further investment-capital without credit-institutes

1.  Fundings from € 50.000 - until about. € 3 million. 
BaFin-frei with participation-outline
2.  Capital-market-brochures and positionings
     for fundings from € 3 million. until € 200 million.
with BaFin-Prospekt
3.  Einholung ev. necessary BaFin-Genehmigungen
     for a private Placement
4.  Positioning-management, distribution-coordination
     and distribution-support
5.  Finance-market-communication,
     finance-marketing and finance-management
6.  Design, graphic formation and pressure
     of the capital-market-brochures and
     the Unternehmens-Expose's

Funding-services and tasks, with which Dr. Horst Siegfried Werner you funding-technically discusses:

-   Capital for investments without loans
-   Fundings for private and trades
-   Money for enterprise without credit
    standing conditions
-   Enterprise financing strategies
-   Financing without bank and
without securities or guarantees
-   Credit standing and rating with 
    company capital rise improve
-   Private order of pleasure right capital and
    quiet participation as a Mezzaninekapital
-   Postrank advances and profit advances
-   Loans and mortgage loans with festival interest
-   Business financing / Mezzanine financing /
    Equity finance

-   Company capital procurement / among other things
    Mezzanine capital without right to vote for the
    improvement of the balance structure
-   Conversions of debts without bank / disencumberment
    Enthaftung   -  procurement of capital
-   Investment capital to approx. 3€ of million
    without BaFin (Small Capital financing)

-  Finance marketing / finance communication
-  Order management / enterprise presentations /
   distribution support
-  More than 10,000 finance service provider's
-  Production of participation plans
-  Production of capital market prospectuses with

-  Rating improvement and balance optimisation
-  Sales of stock societies for the immediate new
   start or to the Outsourcing/Ausgründung

-  Capital for enterprise for the growth financing
-  Renovation of enterprise and renovation 
   consultations, balance consultation
-  Financing for small business and family
-  Enterprises in the crisis - financing to the
   renovation of enterprise
-  Financial services and finance services, finance
   consultations etc., etc.

The Dr. Werner Financial Service AG is to her
Kapitaloptimierer to the company capital strengthening