Financing without bank - financing for companies - capital for enterprise: from the founder of a new business up to the industrial trust


The cover story in the big German business magazine "impulses" issue (5) Mays/2008 was "financing without bank". With the Dr. Werner Financial Service AG the name "Financing without bank" is for 31 years of programme and field of activity!
The leader in the enterpriser's magazine Impulses indicates alternative enterprise financing without bank loans and without securities and gives before the background of the global financial crisis an overview about the financing possibilities without banks = to money and fund capital without bank loans.
Who would like to find out on direct way about the financing without bank for enterprise and founder of a new business, we invite that with pleasure to a non-binding and free financing conversation. In the Dr. Werner Financial Service AG this is o.g. Subject of the "financing without bank loans" (title story) since 31-year core business! - We are glad that now the business magazine "impulses" has picked out as a central theme our achievement contents of the financing independent of bank for enterprise, KMU's and founder of a new business as well as fund financing. Noun est omen: Our Domain name is a programme: The Dr. Werner Financial Service AG is the ORIGINAL in the financing oriented to participation with bank-external capital!