Company capital, credit standing and investments of enterprise

Connections of financing ability, rating and investment possibilities

The German middle class and family enterprise suffer for many years from a chronic company capital lack. In addition, the meaning of the company capital is strengthened by the international bank crisis and financial crisis. Many enterprises must think over her capital structure radically and give special attention, besides, to the strengthening of the company capital. The company capital has a particular importance for the whole financing ability of an enterprise. Therefore, it plays about the company capital rate and the investment strength a prominent role for the future of a company.

Finance capital and financing for enterprise beside the human capital
Money and financing needs every enterprise as a finance capital just as good employees and motivated employees as sucked. Human capital. If the enterprise has decided, finally, on a complementary procurement of capital of company capital, this is moveable for every enterprise of all branches about a private order (see First a suitable financing model / participation model has to come too or without right to vote influence are developed which is cut on the special interests of the enterprise, his companions as well as the external sponsors. The Dr. Werner Financial Service AG helps the enterprises to answer the central questions within the scope of a capital market issue.

Important factors with the choice of an alternative financing form are the legal form of the enterprise, bilanzielle aspects, the measure of the desired influencing control of third, tax aspects, the desired capital connection and contract duration of the participation as well as the prospective future sales development and profit development of the enterprise.

Alternative financing forms to the supplement of the company capital
With the choice of the alternative financing form (risk capital, Mezzanine capital without rights to vote, venture of Capital, private Equity etc.) for the commercial capital increase or increase of capital is to be noted, finally that future settings the course are not affected. Thus change plans should be considered in other legal forms, future succession regulations (e.g., within the scope of MBI or MBO) and other measures like an enterprise division, a coalescence or even an initial public offering possibly planned for a later time already in the approach.

Meaning of the company capital for the whole financing ability of an enterprise
Enterprisers must recognise the meaning and function of the company capital within the scope of a well-balanced whole financing as well as the conditions, possibilities and conditions of proven instruments of the company capital strengthening. The stated company capital, the credit standing being based on it and the rating at the banks for other loan financing stand in an indissoluble connection and determine the future investment ability of an enterprise.

Financing about full shares or about investment capital without right to vote without loan load
Beside the participation financing about full shares it concerns with investment capital without right to vote the Mezzanine financing especially interesting for the middle class about pleasure rights, quiet participation and postrank advances without influencing control of the investors ( In addition, practise-experienced instruments of the balance structure optimisation are considered for the rise of the company capital rate and company capital-careful financing forms like the leasing and Factoring. Besides concrete ways of the company capital procurement about holding companies, capital market issues (e.g., private Placements and employee's participation), middle class fund, appropriations and Mezzanine products of the loan economy are to be considered.