Capital market and conversion of an enterprise financing independent of bank

Enterprise financing without loan by capital market issue also for KMU's

Enterprise financing without loan by capital market issue also for KMU's

The realisation and winding up of a Mezzanine financing appropriate for enterprise and enterprise financing independent of bank requires primarily specific know-how about the participation markets. Besides, the production of expressive participation prospectuses or security prospectuses and complementary sales documents is only the first step.

A special strategy which also contains the address of the right multipliers (finance service provider) and investor's circles beside the public relations, the finance marketing and the financial market communication to the establishment of a product image is necessary for the private order of Mezzanine financing as for example to quiet participation and pleasure rights or pleasure notes and loans or bearer bonds. An order management is to be installed and to organise a small Roadshow for the presentation before finance service providers and investors.

To find the right capital market strategy to the procurement of capital and to move together with the enterprise to the procurement of capital, needs long-standing experience. An approach oriented to result and an adaptable Handling of the respective enterprise interests is an important job. Professional order operations and connections with the capital market participants which lead to success are necessary for it. With stubbornness and perseverance the desired procurement of capital stands at the end.

The capital markets and participation markets are classical company capital markets at which of the third side company capital can be won. On the other hand, the banks have a monopoly on the loan markets. Here no company capital lets itself as a risk capital akquirieren, but merely loan capital about suitable bank loan. Self financings and company capital serve the rise of the company capital rate and are inalienable for the whole financing ability of an enterprise.

For a successful capital market issue are necessary a good Equity story and the conversion of the enterprise information by a continuous financial market communication. For the conversion of the order strategies are available Dr. Werner Financial Service Group with a Full service (

Financing problems, liquidity problems and monetary problems are removed by a private Placement, a good capital market issue and the right issue strategy with a continuous financial market communication on a continuing basis. The enterprise receives a constant capital supply from the participation tranches.