Dr. Horst S. Werner, Goettingen commits his 30-year-old occupational jubilee as a management consultant

Dr. jur. Horst S. Werner (Jahrgang 1947) in Göttingen feiert als Mezzaninekapital-Spezialist und Finanz-Jurist im August 2008 sein 30-jähriges Beraterjubiläum.

LLD Horst S. Werner (year in 1947) in Goettingen, finance lawyer, celebrates in summer, 2008 his 30-year-old adviser's jubilee. He has opened in 1978 his office with the Rewi institute and acts since 1981 as a lawyer and capital market expert in Goettingen (with 16 employees). Dr. Horst S. Werner did a doctorate with a work in the shares and group right in 1979 to the LLD after a four-year-old assistant's activity from 1974 in an economic-juridical and bank-juridical chair of Prof. Dr. AND Immenga Dr. Horst S. had. Werner of 1979 – in 1981 a teaching assignment at the university of Goettingen and in 1990 at the university of Bremen in the society right, shares right and group right.

LLD Horst S. Werner has come out with numerous practically oriented books and scientific contributions as well as television interviews for the financing of enterprise, to the right of the investment as well as to the society, group, bank and capital market right. Many positive reviews of sixteen monographs (at last in 2007), 2nd edition: „Raise Mezzanine capital – with Mezzanine financing the company capital rate“ and in 2007, 2nd edition: „The private Placement to the company capital procurement – ways for the middle class financing“, both in the bank publishing company of Cologne) and "financing" Vol. 6 in the trade paper-middle class library, in 2007, trade paper, Dusseldorf book his recognition in the specialist publications.

As a capital market expert and expert for the enterprise financing independent of bank (www.finanzierung-ohne-bank.de) is Dr. Horst S. Werner since 1981 for small business in the procurement of capital active and has made to itself with the concept of capital market prospectuses about investment capital without right to vote (= Mezzaninekapital) for the capital markets a name. Dr. Horst S. Werner brought already in 1983 as the first a participation prospectus about Mezzaninekapital to the German capital market. He has provided more than 630 enterprise participation prospectuses in all legal forms and has led with his connections and contacts with more than 10,000 finance service providers to the markets. Besides, an issue volume of more than 6€ of billion was unwound by him and was accompanied order-technically.

LLD Horst S. Werner is (www.dr-werner-und-collegen.de) an often invited adviser for talks on financing, balance strategies, procurements of capital, society-juridical contract creations and participation as well as group problems. Are known further by the Dr. Werner Financial Service AG for many years regularly to carried out seminars.

During the last nearly 30 years Dr. Horst S. has. Werner in different corporations and holding company enterprises functions as a board of directors and supervisory board exercised. Several middle-class companies were led to the stock exchange.