Investment capital and financing from 50,000 euros to 200 euros of million.

The financing about an enterprise plan for the purpose of participation without bank supervision approval or capital market prospectus

Beside the loan financing by the house bank alternative forms of the financing, in particular the investment capital without right to vote with Mezzaninekapital independent of bank step increasingly. Here win above all the Going public in the way of a private order (Private Placements) and the Mezzaninekapital increasingly in meaning. Since a healthy company capital equipment is the condition for a respectable enterprise growth.

The approved Mezzaninekapital specialist Dr. Horst S. Werner Göttingen explains in professional seminars without obligations all facets of the procurement of capital and the enterprise structuralisation for an optimum whole financing ability (see

The company capital procurement about a participation plan (from 50,000 euros) or by an außerbörsliche capital market issue (to 200 euros of million) is for every enterprise a suitable and trendsetting financing way which has numerous advantages compared with traditional financing forms. Beside the offer of enterprise participation without right to vote about a public offer more and more small and medium-sized companies also recognise the advantages, e.g., of an employee's participation programme for which the Federal Government has improved just the tax support. Finally, there is the need to make early the financial provision for the financing of the enterprise succession within the family or the enterprise sales within the scope of the enterprise transference to third.

Only some are the financing of the enterprise succession in family enterprise, the Going public in the ausserbörslichen capital market about the finance marketing platform of the issue marketplace ( as well as the „small Going public“, namely the participation of employees in the productive property, – although important – aspects of a comprehensive consideration of the enterprise financing. They clearly indicate that the whole spectrum of an enterprise financing independent of bank is also open to the middle class and a big consultation need exists in the area Corporate of Finance.