Distribution event and presentation of the Bio-Sun-Power AG in Frankfurt / Main

Capital market presentation to the private order of pleasure right capital of the Bio-Sun-Power AG in Frankfurt / the Main run successfully

The Dr. Werner Financial Service AG presented the biology Sun power to AG on a distribution event and company image in Frankfurt / the Main. The Bio-Sun-Power AG is a young energy enterprise, that to itself with the development and production of new projects in the area of the renewable energy which occupies in addition to necessary arrangements (e.g., solar arrangements, Photovoltaikanlagen, wind strength arrangements and the utilisation of growing again raw materials etc.), the marketing of the product offer and the sales of such arrangements.

To the removal of the investments in own arrangements and for the financing of the enterprise growth the Bio-Sun-Power AG (www.bio-sun-power-ag.eu) an enterprise participation about high rentierliche pleasure rights with a volume of 25 euros of million offers the least term amounts 9 years with a basic dividend of 9.5% by in. At the end of the term is a final bonus of 1.5% p.a.vorgesehen.

The Bio-Sun-Power AG has a capital from more than 350,000, - and is led by experienced, for many years successful enterprisers. The Dr. Werner Financial Service AG carries out (www.finanzierung-ohne-bank.de) the order management and accompanies the enterprise in the ausserbörslichen capital market. On the event Mr. Eckert presented the surgical business of the Bio-Sun-Power AG with his three columns. The financing specialist Dr. Horst S. Werner introduced the capital market prospectus approved by the BaFin in his essential points of the participation offer. The investment offer gives to investors the possibility to help with a cash investment or an Einmalanlage from 1,000 euros in the reduction of the worldwide CO2 output and the slowing down of the climate change.

Finance service providers were warmly invited on the event of the distribution presentation and now can take part in the coorder of the interesting participation product. The finance service provider's meeting gave opportunity to personal talks with the board of directors of the Bio-Sun-Power AG in the breaks. Also investors and investors were to o.g. Event welcome. Other Road show appointments can be asked with the Dr. Werner Financial Service AG.

To the information you find an overview of the participation offer on Emissionsmarktplatz.de as the leading ausserbörslichen participation main entrance on the Internet (www.emissionsmarktplatz.de). Here distributions and investors also whole from the bank supervision BaFin can download to themselves approved capital market prospectus.