Finance seminar on the 2nd of July, 2009 above "capital and financing for enterprise in spite of bank crisis"

Financing Work shop or finance conference on the 2nd of July, 2009 about "procurement of capital for enterprise also in the financial market crisis" as a day seminar to the special condition of 189 euros.

Because of the surviving inquiry the Dr. Werner Financial Service AG offers her competent financing seminar above "capital and financing for small business" also on the 2nd of July, 2009 to special conditions. The finance conference informs in detail about all possibilities for more company capital (increase of capital), for the investment financing and for the growth capital and about investment capital without right to vote (quiet corporate capital, pleasure right capital and loan capital) from investors and investors (single investor's mediation about Mezzaninefonds/participation-gesellschaften/private Equity/appropriations or by private orders about broadly scattered investor's circles).

Dr. Horst S. Werner as a seminar leader gives on the subject of the procurement of capital - also for small enterprises - the special opportunity, the finance conference on the 2nd of July, 2009 in Goettingen for the preferential price of 189€ (instead of visiting 489€) and every other seminar participant 139€. In the compact seminar

„Financing for enterprise in spite of financial market crisis, procurement of capital, Mezzaninekapital, venture of Capital, fund capital, appropriations, financing without banks for small business and family enterprise"

if four top advisers show in detail the chances and alternative financing models of the bankenunabhänigen enterprise financing with Mezzaninekapital and other investment capital, also inform about a "Small Capital financing" for small enterprises and founders of a new business with low capital requirements without prospectus of 50,000€ to approx. 1,000,000€; if practise tips give for the acquisition of "Small-Capital" free of approval, intensely describe the expiry of the procurement of capital, explain the practical order ways and enter, finally, on the finance advertisement / finance communication as means of the successful investor's production. Finally, appropriations and subsidy capital are also shown.

Some registrations are already given. Seminar visitors protect to themselves for the future of your enterprise so important projection of information within the scope of the enterprise financing without bank. Informative conference documents, topical professional pamphlets, lunches and break drinks / cake are included!

Interested enterprises are able by telephone under 0551/99964-241 (contact: Mrs. Orlowicz) book or immediately with the registration form for the special price (about the website: book. For further information the author Dr. Horst S. refers. Werner, in addition, on his specialist book "financing" which has appeared volume 6 of the trade paper-middle class library in autumn, 2007