Financing of an enterprise purchase or company acquisition

Capital and financing money for the enterprise purchase and help of the enterprise shop assistant to the financing of the enterprise purchaser
- Financing of a participation acquisition
 - Capital for external enterprise growth
 - Enterprise purchase without financing stress with banks
 - The enterprise to be acquired as "a finance company"

Financing of an enterprise buying / of sales and
the enterprise succession
The enterprise buying or enterprise sales can be financed independently of bank about the participation market. Up to now a little follows, but the most promising possibility is to regulate the enterprise succession by the claim of private investors. With the financing and succession models straightened in the enterprise interests the purchase price or takeover price not above a bank loan, but about the participation market with Mezzanine capital is financed. Besides, the enterprise serves as a financing partner about which the necessary capital is taken up by private investors.

The capital-taking up enterprise grants a suitable advance to the buyer which of the acquirers pays to the enterprise shop assistant as a purchase price. In this manner the shop assistant receives his purchase price. The buyer owes then to the acquired enterprise the advance preserved by the enterprise which one could qualify after the acquisition process as "an employee's advance". The enterprise to be sold serves practically as "a finance company".

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Backup of the enterprise shop assistant
The enterprise shop assistant can protect himself in this respect, as enterprise shares are transferred only in the extent when the purchase price from the lasted advance has really flowed or was paid. Besides, a successive portion transference can occur.
Financing of the family-internal enterprise succession
Also the family-internal enterprise succession can be financed in the manner described on top which we explain to you with pleasure in a free consultation in detail. With a suitable contract creation the enterprise shop assistant can support his company acquirer or enterprise successor by the financing of the acquisition price and allow thus the enterprise succession.

Free consultation by the enterprise purchase and to the enterprise change
The finance lawyer Dr. Horst Siegfried Werner and the colleagues of financing advisers of the Dr. Werner Financial Service AG you consult with pleasure with the conversion of the financing of your company buying or enterprise sales or with the enterprise succession, so that your potential acquirer can also pay to you the purchase price.

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