The national debt crisis and bank crisis brakes the middle class

A survey at 100 middle-class companies has shown that also the small and middle-size enterprises get to feel the national debt crisis and the worldwide financial crisis of the banks by financing in Germany. The capital care of the KMU's has substantially got worse. At many companies the financing is threatened on account of the groggy loan institutes meanwhile. The banks would also require clearly higher interest impacts and risk impacts as well as even more securities, so that the loan financing would become too expensive for the enterprises. Some loan institutes had pulled back her financing assents meanwhile even again. In interbank trade which is marked by mutual mistrust there is sucked. "Loan clips", because the banks to themselves lend mutually hardly more money. With gigantic capital sputter the central banks hold (at last at the end of September, 2011 more than 423 euros of billion) artificially the liquidity of the south-European states upright. Euro-Bonds are under discussion as the last stopgap for the solution of the national debt crisis. Bank system loan institutes Relevant for Bankensystem receive a protection by state rescue operations (see Dexxia bank in Belgium France), while not bankensystem relevant loan banks and investment banks were sent without state protection in the insolvency (at last in Oct., 2011 in the USA).

Not bankensystem relevant the special financing banks usual in all countries are also for the product financing (e.g., drive-in banks for the vehicle financing for the vehicle buyer of the automobile industry), so the pure Retail banks for the end customer, so that these also get in loan clips. This could come through worldwide on the real economy and with it on the economic situation. Though an insolvency wave at middle class enterprise - how in 2008 - is not from the turn of the year in 2011/2012 to fear. However, the loan care or the capital care of the middle class is lame and is feared by the Federal Government as well as the trade associations as a loan clip. Fund capital is drawn off with the unit trusts. There is money for enterprise often only as a private investment capital.