Stock market issue for the financing and new issues with shares, loans or pleasure notes

Financing about the stock exchange: Procurement of capital about the stock exchange with a stock market prospectus by the issue of shares, loans or pleasure notes carries out the Dr. Werner Financial Service AG also for enterprise to the increase of capital or capital admission. The ISIN No. and the WKN No. is applied and the security prospectuses with BaFin approval are compiled for the stock market licensing. The for many years experienced capital market expert LLD Horst Siegfried Werner provides the capital market prospectuses or sales prospectuses / security prospectuses for the capital market: Issue of shares prospectuses, loan (debenture) prospectuses or the pleasure note prospectuses and leads the enterprises in the suitable stock market segments, if it is in the Entry a standard, the Prime standard, S. Dax or m Dax or merely in the free traffic. Experiences with the IPO (Initially public out of vision ring) brings the economic lawyer and tax lawyer Dr. Horst Siegfried Werner. Dr. Werner Financial Service Group catches up the necessary Gestattungen or Billigungen for the stock market licensing prospectus of the security supervision BaFin and does the applications of the stock market licensing. In this manner the new issue or capital market issue becomes on the stock exchange - it is in Frankfurt / Main, Zurich or Vienna - led to success and other capital or additional company capital to the enterprise supplied. Besides, the financing and increase of capital is also moveable beyond the stock exchange with sales prospectuses about investments (Pre-IPO) and not only as a stock market issue.