Loan capital or increase of capital with company capital for the financing

Advance capital is provided by banks for the purpose of Finan-zierung as an outside capital and as an obligation to be balanced for trade companies enterprise, production enterprise and commercial enterprise as well as for independent and freelances.

Advance capital is provided by banks for the purpose of financing as an outside capital and as an obligation to be balanced for industrial concerns, production enterprises and trading ventures as well as for independent and freelances. Loan capital means always an indebtedness. Nevertheless, in times of the bank crisis it is more and more difficult without suitable company capital or without good company capital rate and without sufficient securities to receive a loan financing for investments and acquisitions about the loan institutes. Nevertheless, there is not only the "financing with banks", but also a "financing without bank". A such financing independent of bank exists of society means and/or the procurement of capital of investment capital without right to vote of private sponsors and investors with sucked. Risk capital on the basis of a profit sharing (of no festival payment of interest). For this the participation and capital markets are available. In these markets every founder of a new business or enterpriser can receive a suitable financing free of loan for investment and growth.
The Dr. Werner Financial Service AG accompanies enterpriser to Mezzaninefinanzierungen or investment financing to the private participation and capital markets for nearly three decades and stands for the procurement of capital of Mezzaninekapital as an additional company capital. This helps to protect enterprise existences and jobs. Mezzaninekapital exists of quiet investment capital, pleasure right capital, partiarischem advance capital or loan capital. It is able from 50,000 euros as sucked. Small Capital financing or also mini-financing are procured within less weeks. Great financing is moveable up to 200 euros of million with a security prospectus or capital market prospectus and a bank supervision approval by the BaFin without Besicherungen and without selfdebtor's broad guarantees.

The Mezzaninekapital without right to vote is to be arranged with right contract-juridical creation balance-juridically as a company capital and improves the company capital rate and with it the credit standing or the rating of an enterprise. With a suitable company capital the whole financing can be levered further upwards, because every enterprise one receives higher advance capital, higher his stated company capital exists. And just this financial power plays in the competition in the markets in the fight for orders a prominent role. The right financing and the financing mix have a great importance for the existence of an enterprise and the jobs. In our financing seminars which we hold every two months explain we enclose these impacts.

The Dr. Werner Financial Service AG makes available ( on requirement free of charge the 64-sided financing pamphlet "Kapitalbeschaffung und Finanzierungsstrategien zur Kapitalversorgung". A Mezzaninefinanzierung shows always a notable alternative to the loan capital and to the loan financing. The conversion can be realised by suitable finance mediators (

For founders of a new business, independent and Jung's enterprisers stock societies offer for the immediate enterprise start with next increase of capital ( This can offer Dr. Werner Financial Service Group as a founder's financing from a house within 24 hours. For enterprise in the crisis the insolvency avoidance is possible on the described ways also by the procurement of renovation capital of private investors. This renovation financing can be used then in rallying societies.

Dr. Werner Financial Service Group arbeit on a network of four enterprises together who co-operate for nearly three decades with each other. Dr. Werner is the name giver Dr. Werner-Finanzierungs-Gruppe and competent finance expert with big practise experience. He is a distant economic lawyer and tax lawyer for 28 years in Goettingen and holds constantly financing seminars for enterprisers, advisers and finance service providers.