Capital u. Fundings for businesses: Venture capital, liquidity u. Personal capital: through a bank-independent sub-take-funding with participation-moneys v. Capital-givers and investors f. Businesses; Private Placement / stock exchange-emission

Capital, fundings u. Mezzanine-Kapital: Venture capital obtains and capital for businesses without banks has been our central business for 31 years! With the correct funding-concepts to the success. Capital and funding for credit-refusal.  Business-funding of participation-funding over the capital-market with personal capital independently of banks with a participation-offer. We put down funding-measures € 50.000 - until € 3 million. with a BaFin-freien participation-outline in a private-positioning or from € 3 million. with a BaFin-Verkaufsprospekt until € 250 million. in an ausserbörslichen private Placement or in a stock exchange-emission about: Funding of private Placement or funding over the stock exchange. We produce the capital-market-brochures or participation-outlines about the industrial funding as well as. business-funding with venture capital or loan capital !

Use loan capital (business-bond), morgage-bonds, morgage-pleasure-rights, mortgage deeds, participation-oriented funding-forms fund-capital, Mezzaninekapital, stock, open venture capital, investment-emissions, after-position-loans, without banks over the edition of quiet venture capital, pleasure-legal-capital, profit-loans etc. to the strengthener from liquidity and Bonität or to the credit-relief. Our funding-services support you with the procurement of company-capital, foundation-capital and redevelopment-capital. Business-redevelopments also are marketable with redevelopment-fundings. With share-emissions, bond-emissions or pleasure-appearance-offers, we bring you to the commercial funding at the participation-market or over an IPO on the stock exchange. We develop the BaFin-Verkaufsprospekte u. BaFin-konforme participation-outlines and offers a Full-Service incl.. positioning-management for your capital-procurement.

For existence-originators: Reserve-companies as well as. Auffanggesellschaften for end-foundations to the order and existence-protection; distant fund-foundations of the funding: We bring together you with investors and capital-givers (see our investor-portal). Heed our Twitter-Button, Facebook-Button and Goggle+-Button to clicking!

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                                                      Dr. jur. Lutz Werner:  +49 (0) 551 / 99 96 4-240

You/they get all non-voting funding-forms as well as extensive explanations from us to all possibilities of the alternative and complementary "funding without banks" = money and capital for bank-credits. After your election, we convert the capital-procurement for you. Practical examples find you on our business-participation-portal.

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