Closed funds, fund capital and fund prospectuses

Finance-intensive projects like industrial real estate (production building, shopping centres, industrial arrangements etc.), solar parks, total energy units, ships, Photovoltaikanlagen, leasing objects among other things with a fund draught finance.

Finance-intensive projects like trade real estate (shopping centres, industrial arrangements etc.), solar parks, total energy units, ships, airplanes, leasing objects can be financed etc. about a closed fund construction and be realised. Within the scope of such a project financing a separate fund society which is used as a purpose society for the project realisation is founded ( The participation fund as such needs for the foundation of no bank supervision-juridical approval, unless it concerned a specific unit trust according to the law about investment trusts (KAGG) and the investment law.
A fund is conceived and a fund society is initiated whose only purpose consists in it to receive the financing from company capital and outside capital for an investment project. The fund initiators are regularly project developers who want to sell the later ready fund object to an unit trust or to a large-scale enterprise or institutional investor. To the fund initiators belong, however, also industrial enterprises and holding company groups which want to use the ready Fondsobjket later for her own surgical commercial purposes and not resell. In this manner the financing and the initial expenditure load from own balance is separated.

A fund society is installed to typical manner as a double-storied society konzipert and regularly in the legal form of a GmbH & Co KG. The initiator of the project to be financed takes over in the Ltd and with the Ltd the management of the fund, while the sponsors and investors with suitable company capital take part as limited partners in the KG as a possession society or company society. A back trustee who perceives the rights of the limited partners is mostly inserted for the simplistic winding up of the entry by fund limited partners. The fund companions become co-owners and cocompanion (fund companions) of the project to be financed, while the fund initiator can use the fund object within the scope of his surgical business activities.

The Fonds & Co KG finances regularly the investment object in a mixed financing from outside capital (proportionate bank financing) and company capital in the form of Kommanditeinlagen of the fund companions. The Kommanditgesellschafter form a "financing pool" ( in which they are coentitled proportionately according to her participation height. Innovative fund draughts bump in the participation market furthermore into the interest of investors.
The fund companions become with her Kommanditeinlagen cocompanions eligible to vote of the fund who shows particularly a possession society of the investment project. Of the possession grounds has a time limit regularly - e.g., for 15 years - and is liquidated at the end of the term (distraught) in which the fund object is sold. The retail price is tipped out then as a liquidation proceed proportionately to the fund companions and is distributed.

If it concerns not a closed fund for the single project financing, but a fund for the financing of several projects, one speaks of one sucked. "open fund" which is regularly chronologically unlimited. The open fund has limited "blind pool character", because by foundation of the fund future projects are still uncertain. It are fixed in the fund merely the systems of the project investment and the kind of the single projects, e.g., only future investments in solar parks and wind parks. Also beyond the stock exchange there is a row of different funds with different surgical commercial ticks: Real estate fund, ship fund, leasing fund, environmental fund, solar fund (among other things solar parks and Photovoltaikanlagen), wind park fund, airplane fund, media fund (among other things film fund), BHKW fund (total energy units, biomass-gas arrangements etc.) Mezzaninefonds, private Equity fund, venture of Capital fund. Fund prospectuses of closed or open funds are developed by the Dr. Werner Financial Service AG conceptual and are brought to the bank supervision-juridical approval.