Real estate enterprise Quinvest AG emits 50 euros of million Mezzaninekapital

The Frankfurt real estate enterprise Quinvest AG emits 50€ of million as a mezzanine participation about Dr. Werner Financial Service Netzwerk

The Frankfurt real estate enterprise Quinvest AG emits 50€ of million mezzanine pleasure rights to the investment in real estate in the Rhine Main area under the brand "Frankfurt of ridge". The for many years experienced real estate enterprisers, the boards of directors H.J.Donhauser and N. Mewis invest for many years in dwelling houses and business houses in well-chosen situations with high developing potential. The aim of the enterprise which is equipped with a company capital of 360,000 euros is the construction of a real estate supply sport folio. This real estate package should be led by suitable building management, modernisations and removals and annexes to above-average rent yields. In particular cases real estate sales are planned after value increases and increased returns with optimally attainable market prices.

The boards of directors have the best references and credit standing information of the banks. Authoritative objects can be proved for investors and investors. The aimed scales of the real estate objects lie between 2.5 euros - 4.5 million; the modernisation costs are planned with on an average 25% of the acquisition costs.

The Mezzaninekapital exists of a pleasure right offer with an annual payment of 8.3% on the deposited investment capital as well as an additional profit bonus. The order management is carried out by DR. WERNER FINANCIAL SERVICE GROUP GROUP. The on-line marketing takes place about