Fa KG AMON SOLARINVEST uses the capital market with Dr. Werner

Dr. Horst S. Werner accompanies the fa KG AMON SOLARINVEST to the participation market with a pleasure right offer of 10% p.a. and a successful bonus for the investors to an above-average aim yield up to 14%.

Dr. Werner from Goettingen has brought the fa KG AMON SOLARINVEST with a pleasure right issue to the free capital market to the company capital admission. The KG AMON is solar in the area and Photovoltaik arrangements, in particular in southern Europe in Greece active. There the highest Einspeisevergütungen and the best subsidies are paid currently as lost subsidies.

The fa KG AMON SOLARINVEST offers a pleasure right participation with a middle Fristigkeit of 5 years to investors and private sponsors. A pleasure right acquisition is planned from 10,000 euros. The investor's number was limited to 20 investors. The middle use of the capital serves additional investments for the removal and takeover of other solar power stations. Aim is about it to grow furthermore independently of group, to improve the balance structure and to finance other innovations from available company capital without bank loans. The owner-controlled enterprise has with the managing companion qualified engineer of the energy technology Peter Koch a knowledgeable solar manager who leads the enterprise and has been for different solar companies in Spain, Greece and United Arab Emirates täig. The detailed participation plan can be requested directly at the enterprise under info@amon-solarinvest.eu.