Participation offer of the FLEXICON AG with up to 10% of yield p.a.

The FLEXICON AG as an internationally active enterprise with more than 15 euros of million turnovers offers to private investors pleasure right participation to 9% p.a. basic dividend plus profit bonus

The fa FLEXICON AG from Halle North Rhine-Westphalia grants to interested sponsors a pleasure right participation to 9% p.a. basic dividend plus of a profit participation from proportionately up to 15% of the balance profit. The FLEXICON AG is put up internationally, is active with subsidiaries on almost all continents and in all relevant economic areas. The modern enterprise gained with his foreign daughters in 2008 a consolidated turnover of more than 15 euros of million some of the worldwide biggest consumer goods manufacturers count to the customers, as for example Miracoli, strength ketchup, Milka, Pampers, Toblerone, Always, Zewa, village Beiers, Fastening etc. you entrust the FLEXICON AG with the quality of her packaging at all markets.

The FLEXICON AG a technology-based service provider of the international consumer goods industry who processes the packaging production of the design up to the refining worldwide is controlled and is co-ordinated. Aim and vision is to guarantee a maximum attraction in "Point of Sale" for the looked brands with international standing under all given circumstances.

The FLEXICON AG today is led by the Mehrheitsakionärin Gabriele Kison as Chairman of the board CEO. The 41-year-old marketing and communication landlady who has worked before for several international advertising agencies took over in 1998 the management and surgical responsibility for the enterprise still located in the family estate. She developed the FLEXICON AG of a predominantly on the regional level active supplier of the packaging printers to an internationally active service provider of the branded article industry. You stand aside Reinhard Wollschlaeger. The 42-year-old is a finance board of directors of the FLEXICON AG since the 1st of January, 2008. Before Mr. Wollschlaeger worked as a departmental manager "EU appropriations" with the state bank Berlin and in different positions of the financial department of the Bremer Vulkan Verbund AG.

The FLEXICON AG has created 25 years after her foundation the entry into the circle of international "Top Five" of the branch and further wants to expand with foreign establishments to show presence on site with the world market customers. Besides, become other branded article manufacturers with international significance akquiriert.
The fa FLEXICON AG, with headquarter in Halle North Rhine-Westphalia, is accompanied with the order by experienced, for many years successful capital market experts. The Dr. Werner Financial Service AG carries out ( the order management and looks after the enterprise in the ausserbörslichen capital market. The participation offer enables to maximum 20 investors to acquire a participation in this highly specified service provider.

Information and basic data of the participation offer finds investor on the finance main entrance issue marketplace as the leading vorbörslichen participation main entrance on the Internet ( Now the FLEXICON AG offers a participation possibility oriented to yield as pleasure rights oriented to yield with nominal repayment claim to the ausserbörslichen capital market. The least term amounts 5 years.