P.E.I. Solar fund of the Dr. Werner Financial Service AG with the best, stable income in preparation

The P.E.I. Solar fund is provided currently as a fund prospectus with Kommandit-beteiligungen and is brought at the end of April, 2009 to the participation market.

The ecologically friendly P.E.I. Solar fund in the legal form of the GmbH & Co KG becomes at the moment from the prospectus expert Dr. Horst S. Werner conceived and at the end of April, 2009 to the participation market brought. The German fund with headquarter in Because on the Rhine provides two solar energy power stations in Czechia (south Moravia) with an achievement of 2.17 megawatts. The investment in the stream-generating solar arrangement is by a favorable purchase price ready for occupancy and one expresses conservative calculation marked. The location of the solar park is interesting in this respect when the Einspeisevergütung was doubled in Czechia in 2006. Further the Czech energy regulation authority has considerably improved the investment terms in 2008 again. Now thus an inflation-related rise of the Stromabnahmepreise is guaranteed by order and the term of the stream subsidy was raised from 15 to 20 years. The establishment and the engineering of the solar power stations has taken over the solar market AG from Freiburg / Germany. The solar arrangement is positioned in very sunny south Czechia in the municipality of Cehovice.
The P.E.I. Solar fund has an investment volume of 11 euros of million and of it 3 euros of million should become company capital-financed by Kommanditbeteiligungen. The fund to private investors offers to it the participation from a least drawing sum of 10,000 euros with a term of 20 years. The fund initiators are experienced solar experts who have built numerous arrangements and pursue as an owner. The investment is convincing with expected yields of on an average 10.45% per year. The fund grants an early draftsman's bonus for the first 20 limited partners.

Therefore offers of the P.E.I. Solar fund to potential investors an ecologically friendly investment possibility independent of economic situation and easy to understand which fulfils the demands of an investor oriented to security and grants persuasive yield chances. It concerns an inflation-protected material value arrangement which is freely from the turbulence of the financial market crisis and bank crisis.