Bohrerhof GmbH receives the BaFin permission for the participation sales prospectus

The participation prospectus of the Bohrerhof GmbH was permitted by the bank supervision BaFin to the order.

The participation prospectus of the Bohrerhof GmbH was permitted by the bank supervision BaFin on the 16.04.2009 to the order. The issue prospectus was provided by DR. WERNER FINANCIAL SERVICE GROUP GROUP and was worked on. As an agricultural producer's enterprise the drill court group is an alteingessenes family enterprise in the southwest of Germany and has worked as a fresh goods producer and vegetable producer a high regional name recognition. The Bohrerhof GmbH is with her agricultural products under own brand Main supplier the Edeka southwest and achieved in 2008 a turnover of more than 2.5 euros of million the high-class products of own area under cultivation of more than 200 hectares, besides, are expelled in own specialist shops.

The motto of the drill court group is "field-freshly in the table of the consumer". The specialities reach about the whole palette of the vegetables and salads up to the top product of the enterprise: to the high-class asparagus. The freshness of the products is allowed by logistics belonging to company and delivery close to hour after Aberntung. Besides, the family pursues drill land market belonging to court as well as a gastronomic company with more than 50,000 guests in 2008. Guests can experience in the spring the in addition put up tent restaurants high-class asparagus food as special events and enjoy the harvest-fresh products. The chef moves the high-class philosophy and fresh philosophy of the drill court group for all gourmets in the experience restoration. The products of the drill court group are sold market-extending in Südwestdeutschland and in Switzerland. Customers and guests come from the whole border triangle Germany, Switzerland and France.

The Bohrerhof GmbH with headquarter in hard home-Feldkirch in the fertile, very sunny Rhine level would like to invest in other farmer's tricks producer's surfaces, machines and the removal of the land market. To allow this, the enterprise has transferred a pleasure right issue with the participation sales prospectus approved now which will be drawn to a large part by long-standing, loyal guests and customers of the enterprise. To offers becomes a base dividend of 7.5% and an additional successful reimbursement. The issue prospectus was conceived by Dr. Werner Financial Service Group and now was released by the BaFin to the order. The participation prospectus is available to the free delivery.