Dr. Werner discusses FRANA Leasing GmbH by company capital-oriented financing

Dr. Werner leads FRANA Leasing GmbH from Freiburg / Baden-Wurttemberg to the issue of participation

Economy and capital market expert Dr. Horst Werner discusses FRANA Leasing GmbH from Freiburg / Baden-Wurttemberg with the private order of investment capital to strengthen the company capital equipment of the enterprise. The FRANA Leasing GmbH profits with his leasing offers with the customers from the bank crisis, because the enterprises have more and more difficulties by the loan financing. In this financing gap the leasing FRANA can venture increasingly. Therefore, the enterprise expects two-digit increase rates with the leasing contracts also in 2009 again. The Dr. Werner Financial Service AG has compiled (www.finanzierung-ohne-bank.de) the participation offer. About him www.emissionsmarktplatz.de the participation plan can be called away.

The FRANA Leasing GmbH offers a participation with a least term of 5 years and a payment dependent on yield of 8% p.a. the deposited capital. 15% quotal are tipped out, in addition, by the remaining balance profit to all involved sponsors. Interested investors get in contact directly with the FRANA Leasing GmbH.