Rallying societies and stock societies for the existence protection

With a rallying society as a registered stock society protect the enterprise and private existence

The bank crisis has reached the real economy and a harsh economic recession eingleitet which meets the small and medium-sized companies with all hardness. Dr. Horst S. Werner sells for the existence protection and proprietary protection rallying societies as registered stock societies with new account, new credit standing and new rating as well as, more in addition, financing independent of bank to the rescue of property and jobs. For restructured or new commercial models or Ausgründungen founded societies (KG, GmbH, GmbH und AG & Co KG) can be taken over on stock within 24 hours. In this manner, e.g., healthy parts of an enterprise can be saved. The economy and Steuerrechtler Dr. Horst S. Besides, Werner discusses in times of the bank crisis and economic depression enterpriser in all economic questions and creation questions. In spite of massive order burglaries in the economy new enterprise existences can be created with rallying societies as the "second pivot leg" for the security. Also renovation capital is available from private investors to avoid an insolvency application. Finally, ways can be indicated as one wins time for the lengthening of the legal insolvency application terms and can avoid the reproach of an insolvency abduction by change of obligations in company capital as well as by balance optimisation.

The Dr. Werner Financial Service AG provides (http://www.finanzierung-ohne-bank.de) immediately after the acquisition of the rallying society or a stock society for an Aufkapitalisierung independent of bank and increase of capital with Mezzaninekapital without right to vote for the conversion or continuation of the business activity. As a contribution to overcoming the crisis consultations perform Dr. Werner and his colleagues without costs about financing, new establishments, renovations, insolvency avoidance and rallying foundations. There insist several ways how unterfinancing and liquidity clips can be removed for the purpose of enterprise and private proprietary protection. On requirement (info@finanzierung-ohne-bank.de) prospective customers receive completely free of charge the 56-sided Mezzaninekapital pamphlet "MezzanineFinanzierungen und Fondskapital für Unternehmen", from the author LLD Horst S. Werner.