Fa Cytocentrics AG grants quiet shares to the capital increase

The biotechnology enterprise with 2.85 euros of million company capitals offers quiet participation for the purpose of expansion

The fa Cytocentrics AG is an Ausgründung from the university of Tübingen. A biotechnology resident today in Rostock and medicine technology enterprise and service provider is founded for the international pharmaceutical industry with a deposited company capital of 2.85 euros of million in 2001, it is led by the boards of directors Dr. Nutzhorn and Dr. Knott successfully and has the Nobel Prize Laureate Prof. Dr. Erwin Näher from Goettingen as a scientific advisory board. For the financing of the future growth the Dr. Werner Financial Service AG has conceived (http://www.finanzierung-ohne-bank.de) a participation offer.

The Cytocentrics AG is positioned as a Full service provider for famous customers of the pharmaceutical industry. She carries out security check for new drug active substances by means of ion canal analysis. Beside the Auftragsscreening the Cytocentrics AG offers fully automated analysis devices and standartisierte, immediately applicable cell cultures. The Cytopatch machine is an own development of the enterprise. The device delivers the best measuring results with gleichzeitg high throughput in the Nanobereich. Gleichzeitg is certificated the enterprise after the health standards of the OECD and has received the worldwide approved GLP standard (Good Laboratory Practice) which is anchored in the EU directives and in the German chemical law. With it the active substance check is recognised by all international health authorities - in particular from the American FDA-.

Prospective customers are able to do themselves in the Cytocentrics AG in whose growth and the innovative technology involve and from the expansion chances profit. Besides, with quiet investment capital from a least drawing sum of 25,000 euros with a least term of 5 years investors support the development more anew worldwide of applicable drugs within the scope of the health care. Investors can turn directly under info@cytocentrics.com to the enterprise.