Renovation consultation, renovation comparison, renovation chances and renovation procurement of capital

The financing crisis and the economic situation recession require a renovation consultation and renovation procurement of capital for many enterprises

The financing crisis released by the banks and the economic situation recession demonstrate a renovation consultation in many enterprises essentially. The improvement of the capitalisation structure of an enterprise is uncomplicated possible by accompanying measures also without banks and without supply of fresh liquidity in many cases ( The Dr. Werner Financial Service AG has long-standing practise experience in the renovation consultation. With easily financing alterations of contract quickly to be carried out considerable improvements of the balance and capital structure of an enterprise can be reached in the crisis to remove the fact of the matter of the bilanziellen overextension or the insolvency of an enterprise. With it the legally agreed insolvency application terms are also pushed out and won time.

A strengthening of the company capital and with it the removal of a financing crisis is possible for every enterprise with a so-called "Debt-Equity-Swap". The concept "Debt-Equity-Swap" calls the change of obligations ("Debt") in company capital ("Equity") and is a measure bilanziellen Umfinanzierung or conversion of debts without bank and at the same time an act of the balance optimisation and the strengthening of the company capital rate. Balance-juridical debts are changed by suitable arrangements in company capital. Obligations can be converted into full shares (e.g., kg shares, Ltd-family shares or shares) as well as into mezzanine financing forms (e.g., in pleasure right capital and quiet investment capital as a balance-juridical company capital). The debt change or. Change of obligations in company capital can be applied with companion's advance and supplier's obligations in participation with company capital character. Such alterations of contract are suited as redevelopment measures, without one of the involved losses or disadvantages must suffer. Also the issue of debentures or loan capital (e.g., as a wage change for the purpose of employee's participation) can improve the liquidity situation of an enterprise.

The change of debts in company capital is suited, e.g., for existing companion's advances, but also for all the other obligations towards beyond the enterprise standing third (e.g., the change of supplier's obligations). With even more critical financing bottlenecks a renovation comparison with partial demand renunciation of the believers can be caused, perhaps.

The Refinanzierung, new financing, Umfinanzierung or postfinancing of bank loans should serve the cost reduction and improvement of the balance picture. Accordingly restructuring of financing should guarantee a removal of the insolvency. The erasure suspension and interest suspensions count also to the redevelopment measures with lengthening of the final maturity. Also the liquefaction of engaged capital in real estate can help remove the overextension and/or the insolvency. Moreover considerations of a "Sale-and-Lease-back" offer. Thus, e.g., the company site real estate is sold to a real estate-leasing society and afterwards zurückgemietet. The procurement of capital of renovation capital with a participation plan ( or a capital market prospectus of investors and private sponsors is an other conceivable redevelopment measure which can be moved quickly.

The Umfinanzierung of bank loan can also be a salutary measure for the improvement of the financing situation of an enterprise without or with lower loan obligations and with new private capital. On this the enterprise successive entschuldet can become. Finally, the enterpriser becomes by this financing restructuring and personally enthaften.

The Dr. Werner Financial Service AG offers the first free renovation consultation to prospective customers. LLD Horst S. At short notice Werner as an experienced economic lawyer and tax lawyer is available with pleasure for an insolvency Vermeidungs conversation with appointment registration under with competent renovation proposals for your enterprise. The ways from the enterprise crisis can be used. For the proprietary protection rallying societies are also available ( for the immediate takeover.