Fa Beachers GmbH with cult summer shoes and a Small Capital financing in the capital market

Dr. Werner Financial Service Group puts on the Small Capital financing the fa Beachers GmbH.

04th of May, 2009 - DR. WERNER FINANCIAL SERVICE GROUP GROUP to the removal of the production and for the creation of new products puts on the Small Capital financing The fa Beachers GmbH. Beachers produces innovative beach shoes with unusual styling and a special Tragekomfort. The ergonomic form of the "Beachers shoes" as well as the design are unique in her combination. The Beachers-summer shoes are produced in all colours and different design coinage. "Easy going" the summer shoe was created after the motto and embodies individuality with a modern lifestyle thought. The enterprise experiences a stormy inquiry for this new summer leisure shoe hit which seems to become the cult. The inquiry of the shoe trade chains and the shoe wholesalers like Görtz, Sabu is very rising etc. Therefore, the production must be expanded as quickly as possible.

The fa Beachers GmbH offers a Mezzaninebeteiligung 5 years from a least participation of 10,000 euros with a basic dividend of 10%. Interested sponsors turn directly to the fa Beachers GmbH under info@mybeachers.com. The successful enterprise is led by the fashion designer Michaela Aussieker.