MEP Equity Partners AG in the capital market to the other capital admission

The MEP Management + Equity Partners AG was led by the Dr. Werner Financial Service AG to the participation market.

12th of May, 2009 - Which MEP Management + Equity Partners AG became from Dr. Horst S. Werner ( to the capital market controlled. The MEP AG places on long-term participation in technology enterprise and their future protection by investments and value increases. Four boards of directors of the MEP AG, Dr. Hartmut Kainer, Dr. Michael Neuenburg, Dr. Ulrich Engel and Dr. Harald Zender are conferred a doctorate engineers with long-standing management experience. They take over in the enterprises in which they take part, also personal responsibility by manager's operations.

The MEP AG acquires up to three participation per year and places with the small and medium-sized companies on market expansion and an improvement of the profitability. The combination of competence, management and financial participation puts out the specific feature and the success of the MEP AG. The MEP AG already holds today a row of (the majority) participation with two-digit million turnovers, thus, e.g., the majority holding in the TGI Technische Glaswerke Ilmenau GmbH with 24 euros of million annual turnovers (rising) and 250 employees.

Participation prospective customers turn for the purpose of participation directly to the MEP AG ( under Dr. Horst S. gives information to begin with also. Werner under We send prospective customers with pleasure the detailed participation plan.