Participation offer of the fa AP Energy Management GmbH from Vienna

The Austrian fa AP Energy Management GmbH emits a participation offer of investor and private investors about Dr. Werner Financial Service Netzwerk...

26th of June, 2009 - The Austrian fa AP Energy Management GmbH from Vienna emits about the Dr. Werner Financial Service AG a participation offer of investor and private investors in the participation market to the increase of capital for other investments ( With pleasure rights or other eligible finance instruments investors can invest directly in the removal of renewable energy. The issue volume amounts to 2 euros of million the AP Energy Management GmbH is active in the area of the debt collection of energy production arrangements and the Engineeering as well as the Energiecontracting with long-standing experience in Germany, Austria, Spain and Czechia. The feed-laws in these countries and the guaranteed least reimbursement allow calculable stream yields from the solar arrangements and energy arrangements. The team of the AP Energy GmbH realises for several years successfully solar power stations in different European countries.

The fa AP Energy Management GmbH offers a pleasure right participation with a Mindestbeteiligungsdauer of 10 years to investors and private sponsors. A pleasure right acquisition is already possible from 5,000 euros with 5% of agio. The investor's number was limited suitable to the sales prospectus laws per finance instrument. The middle use of the capital serves additional investments for the removal of other Photovoltaikanlagen. Aim is about it to grow furthermore independently of bank, to raise the productivity and to finance other energy arrangements from the investment capital to be taken up without bank loans. The owner-controlled enterprise has with the managing companion Andreas Hoelzl a knowledgeable solar expert who leads the enterprise. Besides, the solar energy is looked as one of the most important energy sources of the future. The detailed participation plan (see can be requested directly at the enterprise under Further information is also available on website of the supplier