New issues with an issue prospectus on the stock exchange by shares, loans or pleasure notes

The Dr. Werner Financial Service AG carries out new issues with a stock market prospectus as an issue prospectus on the stock exchange by the issue of shares, debentures or pleasure notes ( for enterprise. For the stock market issue the ISIN No. and the WKN No. are applied and the security sales prospectuses are provided for the stock market licensing. The for many years experienced capital market expert LLD Horst Siegfried Werner compiles the share prospectuses, loan prospectuses or pleasure note prospectuses and leads the enterprises in the desired stock market segments, it is in the Prime Entry a standard, S. Dax or m Dax or merely in the free traffic. The Dr. Werner Financial Service AG catches up the necessary approvals of the capital market supervision BaFin and provides for the application of the stock market licensing.
Interested enterprises receive further information under and can be informed in a free consultation in detail about all aspects of an initial public offering including the Listingkosten. We provide for the success of your stock market issue and look after the enterprises up to the full order.