Bankenunabhängiges capital and fundings from € 50.000 - until € 200 million. instead of credit-capital for more investments; Capital-procurement, improvement of the Bonität, BaFin-Genehmigungen - everything from a hand

Funding-possibilities for businesses :
 The "somewhat different F i n a n Z i e r u n g " for businesses with non-voting venture capital of private-investors of the capital-market - business-funding of bank-credits - funding of the personal capital - money for investments - business-capital-procurement - fundings for originators - alternative funding-forms for the middle class and family-companies - finance-capital for real estates and fact-installations: Funding-alternatives and funding-ideas in the bank-crisis to the avoidance of liquidity-clamps, also fundings of the business-redevelopment! ) - Contacts with the commercial funding - fund-capital and project-fundings with the Dr. Werner Financial Service AG -