IsoTrend GmbH with the combination of Photovoltaikanlagen and real estate to optimised yields

German Swiss enterprise group profits from Erneuer cash energy and trade real estate

01st of March, 2011 - The IsoTrend Energie GmbH from Dusseldorf acts in the area of the renewable energy as well as in real estate trade. In contrast to other market participants the society has discovered the big yield potential of both branches early. Already for many years the management projects and sells decentralised real estate and Photovoltaikanlagen on foreign real estate and has thereby acquired to themselves a clear competence projection. The aim of the IsoTrend Energie GmbH (http:// is the acquisition of own immovables in very sunny locations in Germany and the European foreign countries as well as the use of roof surfaces for a logical removal of the solar energy capacities. The combination of real estate and Photovoltaikanlagen is the unique selling proposition of the IsoTrend Energie GmbH. Synergetic effects arise not only from the available roof surfaces of known "roof stock exchanges" and real estate portfolios. Modernisation measures in the course of the installation of solar stream arrangements and next roof rents increase at the same time the earning power of the objects to be acquired. In addition, in the interest of the strategical diversification the enterprise plans investments in total energy units (BHKW) to which also a productive future is attested. Already today the BHKW's are a more important warmth stream supplier from renewable energy sources. Basically all projects of the IsoTrend Energie GmbH are administered in own house and are supervised. This reaches from the economic efficiency check about the financing up to the distant diagnosis of the investment company. While the responsibility always lies in a hand, the purposeful investment is guaranteed by investor's money any time.
Already today the IsoTrend Energie GmbH is in the possession more numerously of the projected real estate on whose roof surfaces Photovoltaikanlagen can be installed. By the acquisition or lease of objects and the insertion with solar modules the society wants to build up her surgical business as soon as possible and extend considerably. Besides, beside topical project engineerings and investments in Germany, Italy and Switzerland the numerous other European states stand in the point of view which have regulated the priority of renewable energy legally. Real estate with suitable roof surfaces exists everywhere in huge number and is further built. Strategical partnerships with leading manufacturers of Photovoltaikanlagen guarantee to the enterprise and his investors that exclusively certificated high-class modules with long life span and high efficiency are used.

The management of the IsoTrend Energie GmbH will represent from the commercial leader Pietro Tancredi. Mr. Pietro Tancredi owns long-standing experience and far-reaching knowledge in the real estate area as well as with the establishment and the company of construction arrangements. Many years he has acted in leading management function in various enterprises in the property market and energy market. According to tax law the IsoTrend Energie GmbH is examined by an approved tax and economic check society. Furthermore the society of famous economic offices and lawyer's offices will represent in the respective countries of her activity substantially.
With the issue of pleasure rights and quiet participation the IsoTrend Energie GmbH wants to create the economic prerau's settlements for a quickened growth. Running capital enables to the IsoTrend Energie GmbH to speed up her surgical business, to force the marketing of the generated products as well as to acquire new arrangements to place this in the market gainful and to increase the angedachte expansionist policy continuously. Further information receives prospective customers under email: