Business-funding with venture capital from 50.000,-

Capital for non-voting participation-basis, fundings for businesses and KMU's without credit! From the Mini-Mezzanine-Finanzierung, from € 50.000 - until about. € 3 million as non-voting venture capital with a BaFin-freien participation-outline, until the capital-market-funding (until € 200 million. with a sale-brochure about investments or investment-brochure with authorization of the capital-market-supervision BaFin). Businesses in the crisis get redevelopment-fundings as risk-capital to the finance-stabilization. Fundings obtain u the finance-market-crisis in times through private-capital as capital for investments. Fundings for real estate-investments; Mezzanine-Finanzierungen as personal capital to the improvement of the liquidity and the Bonität as well as. the Ratings = strengthener of the finance-strength. 

Also fundings for businesses over stock, Kommanditeinlagen, kg-fund-major or other open participation-moneys for co-owner-shaft of the capital-givers or with fixed-interest investments as bonds or morgage-bonds or step-interest-bonds are marketable, be it as stock exchange-emission (IPO as newcomer-mission) or outside the stock exchange as Pre-IPO. The Unternehmensfinanzierer Dr. eyrie Siegfried Werner always has the matching funding-idea! Inquiry about

No securities as well as. Besicherungen necessary
Money for businesses: Capital-procurement for securities and without transfers as pure risk-capital and without credit-securities as well as. without selbstschuldnerische securities as well as bank-independent fundings for investments kg-fund-major, project-fundings and growth-fundings from a hand including advice. Fundings for existence-originators as private risk-capital without Besicherungen, since the sponsors give up securities. Bonität and liquidity increase and Rating-Steigerung for middle-class businesses under protection of the protection-means.

Capital-increase u. Liquidity to the business-redevelopment
Capital-increases - also to the redevelopment of businesses - are possible with new personal capital and new liquidity. Funding-problems with KMU's remove through capital from private as business-capital: non-voting venture capital for owner-led family-businesses of bank-independent capital-givers. Redevelopment-capital for cost-adaptation. Capital-procurement of credit-reception: the alternatives to the (bank -) loan! Capital-procurements for KMU's and fundings for companies are to be managed successfully over a private-positioning. Our capital-market-experts and Dr.. participation-outlines as well as capital-market-brochures and fund-brochures with BaFin-Genehmigung Dr. jur. Horst Siegfried Werner

Alternative funding-forms / new funding-models
Funding-alternatives and funding-concepts for businesses with and without right to vote-influence. Our funding-service: Capital-procurements with and without bank-supervision-authorization (BaFin) are load-bearing with us and realistically marketable. We produce investment-loose investment-sale-brochures with BaFin-Gestattung or investment-brochures with BaFin-Billigung. So, participation-offers bring a current positioning-success with a forward-looking Equity story for businesses! Singles-projects can be realized with fund-capital and project-fundings. For investors is valid: In the bank-crisis better the capital in the real-economy aims.

Fundings for businesses without further Bonitäts-Streß or paperwork with the bank. Industrial fundings of Neuverschuldung, personal capital-procurements of the ausserbörslichen participation-market, mezzanine funding-forms of right to vote (pleasure-appearances, pleasure-legal-capital, loan capital, quiet venture capital), Corporate Finance, participation-funding / business-capital of private-investors as well as. private sponsors and institutional capital-givers for middle class-businesses, family-businesses and large-scale enterprises as well as. industry-businesses: Capital for bank, without stock exchange and funding without foreign-influence!