Fa Flor & Sohn LED-Lichtwerbetechnik lED-Lichtwerbetechnik GmbH places Mezzanine participation for the enterprise growth

LED trend enterprise grows rapidly with power-saving lighting production

01st of June, 2011 - The fa Flor & Sohn LED-Lichtwerbetechnik LED-Lichtwerbetechnik GmbH deals since 1924 with advertising lighting. By continuous advancement and always new innovations the enterprise has asserted itself in eight decades in the branch as a reliable partner for excellent, power-saving light quality and lighting systems. Whether former the classical neon construction method or today the modern LED technology SIGNIT (also for great room lightings or LED stroke with integrated letter lighting): Flor & son delivers everything on special manufacture and can show with Siemens, O2, bowlmaker's group, Daimler, alliance etc. famous references.
Since generations the LED enterprise very modern today with his certified employees on the highest level works in the concept and realisation of the light advertising structures which the product brands, logos, stroke or customer information allow to shine in full shine - whether on the small retail trade store or on football stages (like in Munich) or event arenas (like in Berlin). Modern challenges like an energy-efficient company, the environmentally friendly production and low servicing expenditure were and are the motivation of the managing companion Kurt Bieber who provides for constant improvements and advancements of the power-saving light technology. In the meantime the enterprise receives worldwide orders from famous companies and institutions. Thus the huge potentials of the LED technology were recognised with Flor & son (http://www.florsneon.de) already in 1990 for the light advertisement and were introduced in the market. With Flor & son customers have the certainty that her luminous arrangement with the best materials in the market and in own professional manufacturing on the highest high-class standard is produced.
Nothing has as stamped the image of the modern life visually as the luminous advertisement and the exposed emphasis of information. Released by the invention of the neon tube in the early 20th century the new Illumination of the urbane space has changed our world. And till this day the light advertisement is a modern and inalienable classic of unbroken fascination: The medium in which a brand unfolds her whole ray strength, her quite unmistakeable visual and emotional aura.

From the small fine light advertising structure for your retail shop up to the spectacular great arrangement stamping the townscape for the enterprise headquarters or for sports facilities and leisure halls: Flor & son disposes of the specialist knowledge, the experience and not least of the comprehensive spectrum of modern technologies, around the ideas on the highest high-class level incarnate. By the international service network Flor & son are able to carry out also extensive large-scale projects worldwide high grade, efficiently and in time.

Today the enterprise is led by Mr. Kurt Bieber as a managing companion trendsetting and aims about the financing oriented to participation at another precipitous growth by investments and by enterprise additional purchases in Germany and Switzerland. In the medium term the restructuring is planned in a surgically active Lichtwerbe holding company group. Investors can receive about different participation contracts with the Flor & Sohn GmbH an enterprise participation with which they profit immediately in the expected enterprise profit. The enterprise will gain with the inquiry rising worldwide currently for luminous advertisement LED lucrative yields. Quiet participation or pleasure rights as an investment capital can be already drawn from an insert of 5,000 euros and a term of 5 years. To the basic payment at the rate of 8% p.a. a quotale participation in 15% of the annual profit adds itself. The Flor & Sohn Lichtwerbung GmbH is examined by the Dr. Werner Financial Service AG (www.finanzierung-ohne-bank.de) in the capital market and is accompanied. Prospective customers can request at the mail address kurt.bieber@florsneon.de the detailed participation plan and receive further information.