Progenta & Co KG with smart mint machines with high sales yields and profit yields on expansion course

Enterprise with low costs and slender administrative structures invests all over the country in productive locations

18th of August, 2011 - The Progenta & Co KG goes for the expansion financing to the participation market and opens for private investors oriented to yield. The surgical business segment of the Progenta & Co KG is the installation of mint machines on highly popular places in city centres, leisure parks, Bundesliga associations etc. in the whole of Germany. The customer can throw in the mint machines a 5-cent piece to the Umprägung with a historical effigy, an urban landmark, an association logo etc. and receives for a mint fee from 1 euros the reminiscent coin stamped anew. The stamped coin shows a souvenir of the visit of this special place. Such souvenir coinage is exceptionally liked.
For the installation of these coin mint machines the following locations or places are considered: Experience courts, railway stations, leisure arrangements, animal parks, zoos, airports, places in monuments and places of interest, on ferries and passenger ships, camping places, Bundesliga clubs etc. the potential for parking lots in Germany can be estimated at approx. 1,000 locations. The Progenta KG pursues at the moment the following, topical stands: Airport of Bremen, fan shop Borussia Dortmund in Dortmund, fan shop Werder Bremen, tourist info Bremen (near the Bremen Town Musicians, city hall), airport of Weeze, airport of Dortmund, camping place in Wesel (the biggest place of Europe), Phänomenta Peenemünde (field of experience), passenger ship Rees, railway station Wuppertal, in the harbour in the Niendorf Baltic Sea, village cathedral country of (Freizeitlocation), experience court village Warns (Lübeck).

The mint machines are practically maintenance-free, non destructive and without any wear. The turnovers per mint machine amount to 2,800 euros to 7,000, - per year. The yield per device arises from the turnover less stand fee at the rate of 25% of the machine turnover and less capital costs as well as write-off. With every new location and every other put up mint machine turnover and yield of the Progenta & Co KG increase. By continuance devices the turnover is independent of season and constant independently of weather. The capital costs per mint machine lie merely in the 4-figure euro-area.

The enterprise would like to protect to itself other stands and invest in more than 100-200 other mint machines. For it will take up the Progenta private investors with above-average yields in the enterprise.

Within the scope of a so-called Small Capital participation the Progenta & Co KG puts away the possibility for a restricted investor's circle to participate above pleasure right capital and quiet corporate capital in the economic success of the enterprise. The basic payment will lie with 9% p.a. The proportionate profit dividend is calculated from 15% of the annual balance profit. The Dr. Werner Financial Service AG accompanies ( the enterprise in the capital market and supports the investment financing.