Journey to our financing service centre
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They leave the A7 with the departure the GOETTINGEN NORTH and reach the A 388 in the direction of brown situation.
1. Departure Göttingen-Holtensen take. In the spinning top immediately turn right. Go to 300 m in the traffic light straight ahead in the Hermann's Kolbe street.
2. After other 0.5 km turn into the first street on the left, the Willy's Eichler street.
Then this goes over after 1 km in the Karl-Arnold street.
In the 2nd street turn to the right into the Gerhard-Gerdes street.
The house number 5 is the second house on the left side.
They are in your journey aim:
Dr. Werner Financial Service AG
 Gerhard Gerdes street 5
Dr. Werner-Experten-Netzwerk for enterprise financing / Mezzanine financing,
investment capital without right to vote and company capital procurement by private order
Growth financing independent of bank and investment capital to the increase of turnover and yield
Financing seminar on the 13th of June, 2013/ procurement of capital conference / Unternehmer-Workshop

about the procurement of capital free of bank and financing for enterprise from 50,000€ to approx. 3.0€ of million without Bafin as a Small Capital financing with a participation plan Free of BaFin and from 3€ of million to 250€ of million as a great financing with a BaFin-approved capital market prospectus for middle class enterprise. Everything about the financing without loan economy, the procurement of capital of Legern and investors, about investment capital without right to vote, renovation capital, Mezzanine financing and Venture-Capital - protection of the financing and the liquidity care! Dr. Horst Siegfried Werner reports all facets of the financing oriented to participation.
Appropriations, subsidy capital and financial supports of the alliance, the countries and the local authority districts as well as the KfW bank for small business and for innovation projects.
the next appointment with Dr. Horst Siegfried Werner:
13th of June, 2013 in Goettingen
from 10/00 - 17/00
For the preferential price
from 189€ incl. USt
every other participant
to 139€
Further information about the finance seminar
receive here.

Funding-network the Dr.. Werner Financial service INC. for bank-independent venture capital

 Dr Werner & Collegen








Finanz-Dienste aus einer Hand:
D i e  Finanzdienstleister
und Finanzjuristen, die 
Kapitalmarktexperten, das Finanzportal
und die Finanz-Marketing-Spezialisten
für die Kapitalbeschaffung zur
der Dr. Werner Financial
Service AG

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